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In the meanwhile underwater-rugby is known in about 20 countries and is played by more than 5000 players. It’s the only ball game that is played in all three dimensions. This book is the first manual written in German. It is an attempt to promote this kind of  sport. The aim of the book is to give an overview about  the various aspects of underwater-rugby.  


The first part of the book will give the basic knowledge of playing and also information about game tactics and technics. The second part contains the history and the development of the game. To get all the information, it was necessary to look through several archives and to talk to various game-“insiders”. Rule books, training plans, organisation check lists and statistics are enclosed. 


The book gives a lot of useful information about playing and training underwater-rugby. It orientates on practical work and helps the reader to realise the written things in their own training. To make sure that it is possible to change and actualise the information of the book the author chose a folder form.


The author Reinhard Schottmüller is playing underwater-rugby for more than 10 years. During that time he trained a lot of players – youth in particular – successfully. His team won various national youth championships. He also likes doing underwater photo-graphy. The pictures in the book should help to demonstrate the content of the texts.


Current national trainer Dr. Wilhelm Nier, also former member of the German national team from Mülheim/Ruhr (birth place of our sport) is the co-author of the book. His special knowledge is very helpful for the parts concerning training, tactics and technics.


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600 Pages and more than 200 pictures, the big manual is now available. The price will be 29,80 Euro + shipment charge.