The name “” is Danish for “shop for sports”. Values, such as trust and sustainability are very important for us. Today the Nordic aspect is also very present as well as the European.

The shop is a family own business. It was founded in 1997 on the basis of a personal need for equipment and wondering about if quality products could be affordable for student etc. No high street shop or office existed then or today, you can reach us daily by e-mail ( or by phone (+45 25 78 36 97).

Today affordable prices are still the axel which the shop evolves around. Together with an ongoing dialog with top alerts, product evaluations by magazines surveys and freely boring out equipments for both experts and beginners or donating prices to competitions - and in general supporting young boys and girls practising sport. In regard to the latter thereby supporting governmental programs - and the values of the family.

Dialog is key. Together with indebt knowledge of each product is based on visiting the design labs, where the equipment are developed communicating what our customers wants - and additionally observing the production in the factories.